The Prince And The Pocket-Sized Princess Event is a Community Event during the Holiday 2016 Update that unlocks the Magical Rainforest that can be reached by the Sea Voyage Boat. Like the Tropical Romance Island, it also unlocks special furniture and places in the Magical Rainforest. 

Like the other Events, it also unlocks the


One of the tree stump houses in the Rainforest

coin flower patch so you can spin for constructor coins using 450 flowers or use 25 SPs to get a larger amount of Constructor Coins. 

It it the first Event to come with a quest, the "The Prince And the Pocket-Sized Princess" Quest, unlocked during the Global Community Progress. 

Areas unlocked Edit

  • Rainforest Ticket -- Allows access to the Rainforest by Sea Voyage Boat.
  • Crackling Campfire -- Use two sims, one can serenade the other.
  • Tiny Tea Time -- Use two sims so they can have a tea party!
  • Leaky Leaf Canoe -- Use either one sim for a single ride or two for a romantic ride.
  • Giant Forest Slide -- One sim can slide down it into the pond.
  • Flower Petal Swing -- Use either one sim for a swing or two sims for a romantic snuggle.
  • Spider Web Bounce -- Use one sim to bounce on the web like a trampoline!
  • Ladybug Friends -- Have a sim feed and interect with some giant ladybugs.
  • Fairy Circle Field -- Two sims can dance underneath the fireflies
  • Grand prize: Magical Wings -- two sims can transform into fairies!

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