A Puppy Odyssey Quest

General Edit

The puppy is lost in the Park, and seems scared. Help rescue and find its owner to unlock Puppy and Kitten Pets, as well as new outfits and activities for them!

Steps Edit

Part Requirement Duration
1 Say hello to the small dog 1 minute
2 Call for the puppy 5 minutes
3 Pet the small dog in the park 45 minutes
4 Read the puppy’s collar 5 minutes
5 Wait for the owner at the park 9 hours
6 Pick up the puppy 5 seconds
7 Return home with the puppy None
8 Let the puppy on the ground 3 seconds
9 Check lost puppy ads on a computer 9 hours
10 Buy a food dish None
11 Check a refrigerator for puppy food 4 minutes
12 Place puppy food in the dish 1 minute
13 Read a book on puppies 19 hours
14 Check voice messages 4 minutes
15 Call back the number 4 minutes
16 Sit with the puppy 19 hours
17 Greet Osiris 5 minutes
18 Show the puppy to Osiris 3 seconds
19 Pet the puppy goodbye 15 hours 15 minutes
20 Stay out of the way 2 minutes 24 seconds
21 Pet the kitten 10 minutes
22 Tell Osiris about the puppy 10 hours 15 minutes
23 Check the pet store None
24 Say goodbye to Osiris- 14 hours 15 minutes

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