Actor is a career in The Sims Freeplay only available to adults. You can send them to work at anytime of the day for 8 hours for Levels 1 and 3, and 5 hours for Levels 4 and 5. In the Movie Star Update, the movie studio was updated so now your Sims can go there for 7 hours instead of previously going without being seen. 

Levels Edit

There are five levels to this career. Each one has a different name, and earns different amounts of Simoleons and XP. In July 2016, there was an update to the Actor career, adding five additional levels up to ten. 

Level Level name Simoleons XP
1 Set Cleaner 1,310 360
2 Extra in Laundry Powder Commercial 1,430 650
3 Soap Actor  1,520 980
4 Famous Movie Star 1,670 1,030
5 Acclaimed Actor/Writer/Director 1,860 1,140
Level Level name
6 Production Assistant (Director)
8 B-Movie Actor (Performer)
9 Production Manager (Director)

Movie Star UpdateEdit

In July 2016, the Film Studio for the Actor career was changed to become a Professions career, where players helped two Sims with their shifts and help 15 NPCs to unlock new areas and new options. 

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