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Old update, babies look a bit different!

Babies are the first life stage in the Sims FreePlay. They are unlocked after completing the Two And A Half Sims Quest. Unlike the PC Versions of The Sims, WooHoo is not required to make a baby. To make a baby, buy a crib in the infant section of the home store. After, you can add a baby for 3 LP, and it will take 24 hours to arrive. If you finished the Life Dreams and Legacies quest, a baby will require Simoleons instead. You can choose the gender, name, eye colour, hair colour, and skin colour for your baby.
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Samantha Mitchell as a baby.

After version 5.15.0 babies can now leave their cribs, crawl on the floor, and eat in their highchairs with the family. Teens, adults, and seniors can hold them and walk around with them, sit with them, as well as teaching them how to walk. A hobby is available for babies which is the Musical Expression, it takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to do. The babies also have a new look, and you can change their hair colours. You can earn new clothes for both male and female and you can earn accessories for them! A baby is required for the Nanny Knows Best discovery quest.


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Teens, adults, and seniors can interact with babies and even create relationships with them. When a baby is born, their parents and siblings (if they have any) are automatically their acquaintances. The more they cuddle and give attention to the baby, the better the relationship will become. Here are more things they can do with the baby to fulfill their needs:

Change Diaper - Fills hygiene bar

Bathe Infant - Fills hygiene bar

Bath Time Fun - Fills hygiene bar

Cuddle - Fills social bar and creates relationships

Sit with Infant - Fills social bar and creates relationships

Entertain - Fills fun bar

Play With Rattle - Fills fun bar

Dump Food* - Fills fun bar

Make a Big Mess* - Fills fun bar

Play with Food* - Fills fun bar

Practice Walking - Fills fun bar

Quick Bouncies - Fills fun bar

Bounce Marathon - Fills fun bar

Practice Balancing* - Fills fun bar

Exercise Legs* - Fills fun bar

Play with Toys** - Fills fun bar

Give Food - Fills food bar

Have Birthday - Ages them into toddlers

Go to Sleep (4 hours)* - Fills sleep bar

Hibernate (1 day)* - Fills sleep bar full

*Adults are not needed to complete these actions.

**Adults may be needed to complete these actions.

Currently, you cannot do anything about their toilet bar; you must wait for them to wet themselves, and then change their diaper.

Future updateEdit

In the Dream Daycare Update in April 2017, babies received new items that players could earn in the Dream Daycare Live Event. They included new styles of cribs, new highchairs and changing tables.

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