Bird Feeding
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Prepare yourself! Your Senior Sims are in the mood for some bird feeding. A huge range of friendly, sometimes exotic birds are flapping about just waiting for your Senior Sims to discover!

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The Pirate And His Goddess

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Bird Feeding will unlock at Level 24. Completion of this quest unlocks the Bird Feeding hobby for Seniors. If completed within the 6 or 4 days time limit, you will win a Parrot on a Perch.


Part Requirement Duration
1 Search a tree at a house for birds 5 minutes
2 Read Birdhouse Illustrated Magazine 10 minutes
3 Read an Encyclopedia 4 hours
4 Grow Pumpkins 1 day
5 Bake a Pumpkin Pie 10 hours
6 Throw seeds at the Park Water Fountain 7 minutes
7 Throw seeds at the Swim Center 6 minutes
8 Search for birds on a tree at the Swim Center 16 hours 30 minutes
9 Call a friend 5 minutes
10 Watch Osiris with a Telepscope in the Park 7 minutes
11 Watch News on a TV 4 minutes
12 Be Nice to a Sim 1 minute
13 Go Bird-Spotting on a Park Bench 22 hours

If you complete this quest within the time limit of 6 days, you will receive a pet bird!

Where To Find BirdsEdit

You can feed birds in 4 different places:

  • The Park
  • The Swim Centre
  • The Snow Park
  • The Community Centre

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