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The Boutique Hair Event is a time limited hobby event. Like the Long Hair Event, it involves the Fashion Designer hobby and lasts 7 days to get nine hairstyles.

If you don't finish and only earn one or two hairs, it will come back in the future for you to try again. If you do earn all nine, then it won't come back.

Prizes (hairstyles)

Randomized - you might not get the one you want most. The hairs come in 12 different colours: light brown, dark brown, black, dark blonde, blue, red, silver, lilac, pink, light blonde, orange and dark purple. The Harajuku hairs each has two additional colours.

  1. Harajuku Pigtails
  2. Harajuku Bows
  3. Loose Ponytail
  4. Loose Side Plait
  5. Simply Straight
  6. Wavy
  7. Side Part
  8. Parted Fringe
  9. Wavy Fringe