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Bread Winner is unlocked at Level 6. Completing this quests unlocks Baking.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Watch Sim Chef on TV 2 minutes 42 seconds
2 Buy a Stove (§350) None
3 Cook Bacon & Eggs on a Stove 5 minutes
4 Eat Bacon & Eggs 10 minutes
5 Wash the Dishes 3 seconds
6 Search Bookcase 2 hours 41 minutes
7 Buy a Toaster (§750) None
8 Cook Cheese and Tomato on Toast 1 minute
9 Invite a Sims over None
10 Cook Burgers** 20 minutes
11 Call to Meal None
12 Rest Eyes on a Coach 4 minutes 30 seconds

*Please note times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

**Must be at least Level 2 in the Cooking Hobby to unlock burgers.

Previous Quest: N/A

Next Quest: Money Grows On Trees

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