Car Dealership


A red car at a home lot

Cars are similar to pets; every few seconds there will be a music note at the top of the car. Tapping on it will either give you Simoleons or Lifestyle Points. You can buy one by building the Car Dealership and then selecting the Sim who will own that car. The more expensive the car is, the more currency it will drop.

Homes with cars

  • One bedroom house
  • Teen Idol Mansion -- 3 star car

Exclusive cars

These are the cars you can only get with a special template when completing events. If you do so, they will be available in the Car Dealership in different colours.

  • Rolls Royce with Wedding Venue & Reception template. Complete the Wedding Belles Live Event in the time limit. Comes in black colour.
  • Party Limo with Party House template. Complete the Party Time Live Event in the time limit. Comes in: purple, pink and black.


  • In the A Dance To Remember quest there is a 2 star red car at the Park waiting to take your Sims to the villa. This type of car is available in the dealership.