The Community Center has hobby objects for adults and preteens, that is Woodworking, Ballet and Karate. It is the first task to build it when you are on the Multi-Story Renovations quest.


On the left side of the building, you will find sparring dummys and pieces of wood, for pre-teens to learn Karate.

These are the following options avalible:
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Downstairs: Karate on the Left, Ballet on the Right

  • Karate Sparring Dummy: One Punch (4m / 15 XP)
  • Karate Sparring Dummy: Quick Duel (1h / 150 XP
  • Karate Sparring Dummy: Karate Practice (9h / 450 XP)
  • Karate Sparring Dummy: Lengthy Battle (1d / 900 XP)

On the right, you will find some barres and a music player, suitable for pre-teens to learn Ballet.

The following actions are suitable for Ballet:
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  • Ballet Barre: Stretch (30s / 9 XP)
  • Ballet Record Player: One Pirouette (4m / 15 XP)
  • Ballet Record Player: Quick Pirouette (1h / 150 XP)
  • Ballet Record Player: Pirouettes (9h / 450 XP)
  • Ballet Record Player: Extensive Pirouettes (1d / 900 XP)

And finally, upstairs you will find some wooden tables, suitable for adults to learn Woodworking.
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These are the following actions:

  • Woodworking Bench: Quick Practice (4m / 15 XP)
  • Woodworking Bench: Sharpen Skills (1h / 150 XP)
  • Woodworking Bench: Carve Magnum Opus (9h / 450 XP)
  • Woodworking Bench: Extensive Practice: (1d / 900 XP)


  • If you want to level up your Sims's Ballet skill quickly, use the Ballet Barre over and over again, as it has more skill points than the record player.
  • The pipes upstairs are part of a mini-game for wood-workers, if they build a small Sim-like robot, it will try to escape, so you must guide over the pipes to reach your Sim.

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