Cooking is the first hobby you unlock in the game, by completing the Bread Winner quest. Once completed, you can have as many Sims as you like to do the hobby. You must find all the utensils (18/18) to first unlock the chopping boards, which can unlock more meals which will take longer hours to make. The second time you earn 5 Lifestyle Points. Use the one minute option to earn the most LPs.

Adults, Teenagers and Seniors can cook. Players can cook either at their Sim's home or the Candlit Fork Restaurant. If they want to cook at home, players must buy either a stove, fridge, microwave or toaster in order to cook. You must have a Sim at level 6 in order to unlock higher level foods. 

Foods you can cookEdit

Depending on the level your on. S means Simoleons. 

Name of food Cost Time Requirements
Cheese and Tomato on Toast S5 1 minute Toaster (1, 2 or 3 star)
Bacon and Eggs S27 5 minutes Any stove (1, 2 or 3 star)
Burgers  S50 20 minutes Any stove (1, 2 or 3 star) and any toaster
Pizza S75 40 mins 1 Star Microwave 
Chilli Con Carne  S125 1 hour 2 Star Microwave
Spaghetti S150 2 hours 1 Star Chopping Board
Quiche  S200 4 hours Any Stove (1, 2 or 3 star)
Nachos S225 5 hours 1 Star Chopping Board
Spicy Tuna Rolls S300 8 hours 3 Star Stove
Chicken Salad  S350 2 hours Any Stove (1, 2 or 3 star)
Tacos S500 12 hours 1 Star Chopping Board
Roast Beef  S1,000 1 day 3 Star Stove

Foods you can bake Edit

Depending on the level your on. You can make any Adult, Teen or Senior Sim bake a Birthday Cake that costs 5 LP. Unless you've completed the Life Dreams & Legacies quest where your Sims will age automatically, the cake will take 24 hours to bake. 

Name of food Cost Time Money back Flammable?
Cookies S1 1 min S2 No
Hot Cross Buns S1 2 mins S4 No
Brownies  S4 5 mins S16 Yes
Pancakes S6 10 mins S12 No
Heart Shaped Chocolates S9 12 mins S18 No
Muffins S13 30 mins S25 No
Waffles S16 45 mins S60 Yes
Apple Pie  S19 40 mins S36 No
Pumpkin Pie S19 10 hrs S36 No
Turkey S19 4 hrs S36 No
Choc Pudding S33 2 hrs S60 No
Cheesecake S44 4 hrs S80 No
Gingerbread Sims S55 6 hrs S100 No
Donuts S66 8 hrs S240 Yes
Caramel Slice S77 10 hrs S140 No
Croissants S121 18 hrs S220 No
Banana Bread S132 20 hrs S480 Yes
Rocky Road S137 12 hrs S500 Yes
Danish S165 1 Day S300 No
Souffle 1 LP 4 hrs S400 Yes
Wedding Cake 2 LP 22 hrs S2,500 No
Birthday Cake  5 LP 1 Day None No

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