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The Country Homestead Event is a time limited hobby event that appeared in November 2016, March 2017 and appeared for a third time on 17 August 2017. Like the Urban Furniture Hobby Event, you need to use the Woodworking benches to get all the items within 9 days.


There are ten packs of country-themed furniture to be won (they are earned in order).

  • Walls 
  • Windows -- white and dark, single and double 
  • Doors -- white and dark, single and double
  • Kitchen Essentials -- countertops x2 and sinks x2 
  • Living Space -- door frames and dressers
  • Benchtops -- counters x2 and corner counters x2
  • Floorboards 
  • Kitchen Suite -- counters x2 and oven hoods x2
  • Sideboards --  white counters x3 and dark counters x3
  • Island Benches x3 


  • Unlike the Urban Furniture, where all the countertops are in one pack, this event splits the countertops into two for four packs.

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