The Diving hobby will be unlocked after you complete All Going Swimmingly. Preteens, Teens and Adults can take part in this Hobby.

To be a diver, you need to build the swim center. When you complete the hobby, you can use the diving boards at your own pools. To collect medals, click on the diving board and select an option, once the exclamation mark appears your Sim will dive and you will receive a medal.

The Diving actions are:

Brief leap - 10 minutes

Aquatic Lunges - 1 hour

Disciplined Dive - 12 hours

All Day Dive – 1 day


The Diving levels are:

1. Oafish

2. Maladriot

3. Stage diver

4. Intermidiate

5. Flipper

6. Master

At every level, you unlock new medals.

Level 1 medals are:

Sim Tsunami

Twist, Flip and Drench

Tidal Backward Spin

Level 2 medal is:

Silver Bomb

The Level 3 medals are:


Triple Pickle Flip

The Level 4 medals are:

Fist from Heaven

Spiral Spill

The Level 5 medals are:

Golden Reverse Spin

Silent Nibiru

The Level 6 medals are:

Fancy Flip and Twist


What do you win?Edit

The first time you complete the collection unlocks diving boards for home pools, the second time unlocks a lifeguard chair which costs S4000 and Further times gives you 3LPs

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