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A Preteen Figure Skating

Figure Skating is a Hobby found in The Snow Park once you complete the An Alien Concept: Weather Machines quest. Your Preteens, Teenagers, and Adults can learn how to figure skate by clicking one of the four ice patches on the Skating Rink. When you finish the It's All Going Swimmingly quest and earn the ability to build your own pools, use the Weather Machine to create snow, then the pool will freeze over. Use it to learn skating there. 

There are four options:

  • Warm Up -- 10 minutes 
  • Quck Routine -- 1 hour
  • Relaxing Skate -- 6 hours
  • Devoted Dance -- 12 hours

Each will give you the chance of receiving a medal. When you collect all 12 medals, you will unlock the snow mountain. The second time you will unlock Figure Skating outfits for female and male Sims and the third time you will get 3 Lifestyle Points

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