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The 2013 Neighbours update is an update for The Sims FreePlay. It was realeased on the 25th July 2013 for Android and 17th July 2013 for iOS.

The New Party BoatEdit

The Party Boat is now accessible through the globe icon at the bottom on the screen, so you don't have to use the Town Map to get to it. You can also visit your Neighbor's towns. Their town's name is displayed as (Game Center/Facebook name) Town. When a Sim is visiting a Neighbour, The Cloud is not available and other Sims cannot visit a town. 

There is also a virtual Neighbour called 'Another Simtown,' which can be used to complete most of the new Social goals since some may not be available for completion yet, such as the 'clean a Neighbour's pool' goal.

Social PointsEdit

Social Points are a new type of featured in this update. They have replaced the NBR currency, which once purchased items like swings, sandboxes, and board games and required you to have a certain number of Neighbours to buy them.

Note: Before the new Neighbors update, things that cost NBR did not deplete your NBR number since it was based on the number of Neighbours you had. However, buying things with the new Social Points system DOES deplete the number of Social Points you have, so spend them wisely!

Social GoalsEdit

Social goal are goals that can be completed by visiting a Neighbour's town. Because the goal 'clean a Neighbour's pool' is not always available (depending on your Neighbour's level, they may not have a pool to clean), the game offers you the choice to spend 5 LP to skip it and move on to the next goal.

Completing Social goals will reward you XP or SP .

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