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Ghost Hunters is a newer quest unlocked at Level 22. This quest will allow your adult Sims to ghost hunt and get accessories for ghost hunting. There is a time limit, and if you complete the quest before time runs out, you unlock the Haunted House. Older players may not have to do this quest as they were able to ghost hunt before this quest existed.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Send a Sim to the Park None
2 Hide in the Public Toilet in the Park 45 seconds
3 Buy the Spooky Painting None
4 Hide from the Painting 40 seconds
5 Drink a Herbal Tea 2 minutes
6 Complain to the Toilet 5 hours
7 Complain to a Spooky Painting 6 hours 30 minutes
8 Get 4 Sims to the Park None
9 Hold a Conference on a Soapbox in the Park 1 day
10 Look for Ghosts with a Video Camera 16 hours 30 minutes
11 Buy another Spooky Painting None
12 Buy Spooky Bookshelf None - §200
13 Read Fine Literature 14 hours
14 Buy Spooky Chains None - §180
15 Tell Jokes to the Spooky Chains 4 hours 30 minutes

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