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High Top Carnival can be found on the Mysterious Island and can be built after you have completed Life Dreams and Legacies. You will need 5 Bronze and 2 Silver Entertainer Life Orbs, alternatively, you can build it for 510 LP's


You can buy 4 rides at the Carnival.

The first one is the Carousel, it costs 3 Gold and 1 Platinum Entertainer Life Orb.

The second one is a Jumping Castle, it costs 3 Gold and 1 Platinum Entertainer Life Orb.

Next is the High Striker, which unlocks a new hobby, this costs 2 Silver and 4 Gold Entertainer Life Orbs.

Finally, you can unlock the Ferris Wheel, which costs 3 Gold and 2 Platinum Entertainer Life Orbs.

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