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In The Sims FreePlay your Sims can develop hobbies. Players can check the status of their Sim's hobby in the Careers and Relationships tab at the bottom of the screen. Completing hobby collections will give you special items.

Tip: Try to have one Sim for every hobby so that you can send them to the competition center each day.

List of HobbiesEdit

Name Levels Description Prizes

Adults Only

1.Fish Bait



4.Master Baiter

5.Fishing Pro

6.Fish Whisperer

To go fishing you must bring your Sim to the park and have them fish at the lake. Once in a while your Sim may catch a large fish that will try to eat them. When they are up in the air tap the (!) as quickly as you can. Your Sim will be released after this has been done 3 times. The more the Sims practice the higher the chances of getting a rare fish.

Fishing Outfits for your adult Sims: Catch every fish.

Fish-themed posters and wallpapers: Catch every fish.

Talking wall fish: Complete Gone Fishing Event. RETIRED

Ghost Hunter

Adults Only


2.Doomsday Slayer

3.Spook Seeker

4.Ghost Aficionado

5.Paranormal Investigator

6.Peter Venksim

To go ghost hunting there need to be haunted items in your Sim's home. Haunted items can be found in the store and have an orange/red ghost at the bottom right corner. The more you have in your home, the more likely you will find rare ghosts. Click on an items and select one of the ghost hunting options. Your Sims will search items in their house, but while they are seaching the item you will not be able to use it. Once they walk off you will be able to use the item again. When it is complete, you tap the (!) over your Sims' head and a ghost will pop out. Quickly tap the ghost 3 times to capture it. You are more likely to find them if you get a lot of Sims looking for them.

50,000 town value booster: Capture all ghosts.

Ghost Containment Tank: Capture all ghosts.

Haunted House: Capture all ghosts for Halloween 2012. RETIRED

Fashion Designer

Adults Only

1.Fashion Disaster

2.Fashion Faux-Pas

3.The Look


5.What's Hot

6.Fashion God

To start this hobby you will need a Hobby Store (also known as the Promotion Store), located next to the Pet Store. Purchase a Fashion Studio and place it in your Sim's home. When they are done designing a (!) will appear over their head. When tapped, a bomb and a light bulb will start scrolling. Tap the light bulb 3 times and your Sim will have successfully designed a clothing item.

Note: Your Sims cannot wear the items they design.

Outfits for your adult Sims: Complete all designs.

LUCKY HAT! Complete all designs.

Limited Gardening Outfit: Complete Let's Design event. RETIRED


Adults &  Pre-teens



3.Stage Diver




For this hobby you will need a Swimming Center. Once your Sim is there, tap the diving board and select one of the options. When your Sim is done a '!' will appear above their head and they will complete a final dive to receive a medal.

Diving Boards for Pools at home. Collect all diving medals.

Limited Edition Pool Cleaner. Complete Diving Event. RETIRED


Adults Only

1.What Is a Hammer?





6.Master Craftsman

To get your Sims Woodworking, you must visit the Community Center (previously named the Sports Center) and tap the stairs to go to the second floor. Then tap one of the woodworking benches to get started.

If you have not yet built the Community Center, you can use your neighbor's woodworking bench in their Community Center.

Once you have one Sim at the Master Woodworking level, the woodworking bench becomes available for purchase at the Promotions Store in your home town. You can purchase multiple benches and have multiple sims work on this hobby.

Unlock Construct-O-Coins booster (250 Construct-O-Coins). Construct all 12 woodworking items. RETIRED

Unlock Woodworking Bench. Craft all 12 woodworking items for the first time.

Get a FREE Premium Dog Kennel. Craft all 12 woodworking items for the second time.

Get a FREE Foosball Table. Craft all 12 woodworking items for the third time.

50,000 town value booster: Craft all 12 Woodworking items.

Figure Skating

Adults &  Pre-teens & Teens


2.Rarely upright




6.Skater Prestige

To figure skate you will need to use the rink in the brand new snow park or freeze your pool with the new weather machine, which you can get in the Climate Control update.

Unlock the Key to the Ski lift in the new Snow Park. (Available in the Climate Control Update). Collect all 12 figure skating medals.

'Unlock the Figure Skating outfit. "Collect all 12 figure skating medals."


Pre-teens Only

1.Yellow Belt

2.Red Belt

3.Blue belt

4.Purple Belt

5.Brown Belt

6.Black Belt

To start this hobby you will need a Community Center. When your pre-teen is there tap the Sparring Dummy or the Karate Board to start practicing.

Unlock karate themed wallpapers and other items.

Become a Black Belt.


Pre-teens Only

1.All Left Feet






To start this hobby you will need a Community Center. Have your pre-teen come to the Community Center and practice with the Ballet Barre or Record Player.

Unlock ballet themed wallpapers and other items.

Become a professional.

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