This quest unlocks at Level 25. If you complete this quest, you will unlock the quilting hobby and items for senior sims. There is a 6 day time limit and if you complete it within that time, you will receive a patchwork teddy for your Sims. The teddy can be bought for $2,800 and toddlers can play with it.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Call a Friend 4 minutes
2 Send a Sim to the Park None
3 Gaze Serenely on a Park Bench 9 hours
4 Ask a Sim about Serene Gaze 4 minutes
5 Make a pizza 40 minutes

Give some pizza to another Sim

1 hour
7 Feed Ducks 15 minutes
8 Paint a Picture 3 hours
9 Freak out over Amazing Picture 1 minute
10 Draw out a Chess Game 1 day
11 High Five a Sim 1 second
12 Call the Old Sim Back on a Phone 4 minutes 30 seconds
13 Get Over-Excited at another Sim 1 minute
14 Search for Quilting Online 5 minutes
15 Drive to the Quilting Fair 1 day
16 Have a Fancy Coffee 5 minutes
17 Grow Potatoes 2 hours
18 Heat Hands in Warm Water 14 minutes
19 Play "Quilting Mama" Game 10 hours
20 Get the Quilting Kit None

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