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Complete this quest and give your Sims the gift of Life Dreams! Watch as your Sims grow up, fulfilling life dreams throughout every stage of their lives, and pass their legacies onto future generations!

Life Dreams Start

Life Dreams and Legacies is currently the last quest you have to unlock. Once you start the quest, there is no turning back and automatic aging switches on for your poor Sims. If you complete this quest within the 7 day time limit, you will win a singing salmon, which you purchase in the home store 1,500 Simoleons. It can inspire your Sims for 30 seconds, but requires 30 minutes to recharge.

Part Requirements Duration
1 Call a Friend 4 minutes
2 Send invitations on a Computer 4 hours 48 minutes
3 Send 5 Sims to the Snow Park None
4 Tend the bar in the Snow Park None
5 Order a cocktail at the Snow Park 30 seconds
6 Ask Osiris about new inventions 14 hours 20 minutes
7 Open the age controller None
8 Advance an Adult Sim's Age* None
9 Send a Sim to the Park None
10 Examine the Glowing Orb 1 day
11 Give the Orb to a Senior None
12 Open the Life Dreams Menu None
13 Fulfill a Life Dream 6 hours 24 minutes
14 have a Senior ask Osiris for Help 5 minutes
15 Tap on the Beach or Arcade on Island None
16 Have a Senior ask Osiris for Help 20 seconds
17 Fulfill a Life Dream 6 hours 24 minutes
18 Have a Scientific Breakthrough in the Bath 7 hours 12 minutes
19 Debunk Theory of Relativity while drinking Tea 10 hours 40 minutes
20 Have a Senior grow Watermelons 1 hour
21 Bake Gingerbread Sims 6 hours
22 Complete a Cycle of Life** None
23 Have 4 Sims in one house None
24 Be Nice to a Sim 1 minute
25 Have a Baby 1 day

*Your adult Sim will automatically start aging from this goal!

**Bye bye, Senior Sim! Your Senior Sim will die here!

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