Typically a Sim goes through six life stages in the game: baby, toddler, preteen, teen, adult, and senior. They can have different actions in each stage.

Babies Edit

Babies are the first life stage in The Sims FreePlay. To create a baby, a player has to buy a crib from the Home Store or The Children's Store, and then pay an additional 3 LP once the player bought the cot. Pregnancy takes 24 hours but you can speed it up with LP. Once the 24 hours is up the player tap on the cot and it takes you to Create-A-Sim. The player chooses what the Sims' baby looks like, (though some adult features aren't available for babies) and its name (though the surname has to be the parents name), and after it is finished your baby is in your house. Players can perform five different actions with your baby:

  • Change diaper
  • Cuddle
  • Play with rattle (rattle is 3 LP at the children's store)
  • Give food
  • Entertain
  • Have birthday (will happen automatically after Life Dreams quests is completed, costs 5 LPs before quest is done or if you don't want to wait-having a birthday makes them age into a toddler).

Toddlers Edit

Toddlers are easier to look after than babies in Sims FreePlay. They can sleep by themselves, walk by themselves and do a lot by themselves. However, some activities are done with help: Food must be brought to them. They need a person to look after them when they are in the bath.

Most of the time, they play and do activities: Riding toy horses, going to the swimming pool, playing hide and seek, and play patty cake! They can dress up and interact with pets. The playhouse hobby is one of the easiest to get LPs with-use the one at the pool or buy one for 20 LPs after In Da Clubhouse quest is completed

Pre-teens Edit

When one Sim is a preteen, he or she can start doing hobbies like ballet and karate. They can stay in a house alone and they get to complete school grades. They can also interact with toddlers.

Teens Edit

Teens were released in October 2013 and can be unlocked in the game by finishing the Teenagers quest. They are now here due to Osiris, the friendly alien, fixing the cake system and adding a chance for a pre-teen to grow to a teen. They are present in the new update where there is now a new Sim Town High School. It will be a very successful era and in mid-November the release is expected for the new Sim's 'Teen Idol'. They will be known for love, relationships, socializing and being together as friends. They can become famous sims and players can unlock a three story mansion for free. They can stay home by themselves and look after babies and toddlers.

Adults Edit

This stage is the main life of a Sim. This category allows for such things as having different types of relationships, work, hobbies and providing money for the household. By finishing the Adulthood quest, players can age their teens to adults. Adults can do everything by themselves and they can have relationships.

Seniors Edit

They live their golden ages. From level 21, adults become seniors if they have their birthday. However, the player needs to finish the Seniors quest first. Starting February 2014, they can have a new hobby, quilting. They will also have new pets, such as birds. They can play bingo in Mystery Island and can win simoleons. But seniors do have a lifespan. A senior can pass away by a Grim Reaper when he/she is ready to pass away. It does not need a cake.


A Senior Sim is ready to die when the circle-thing is Red. You don't need a Birthday Cake. When it becomes Red, the Grim Reaper will appear.

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