Lifestyle Points
Lifestyle points (LP)

Spent by:

Buy furniture, buy houses, buy cars, buy pets, speed up actions and construction

Earned by:

Level up, Dogs and cats dig for treasures, Max a hobby or completing a hobby collection, Car Revenue, increasing town value, Sometimes when completing goals, Rarely by designing fashion or fishing


Each time, you will earn a few Lifestyle Points

Lifestyle Points are a type of currency used to buy premium items and speed up actions. They can be earned, dug up, bought in the store for real money, or done by watching videos and "viewing offers". Lifestyle points are similar to Lifetime wishes in The SMost of the goals: 1 LP

  • Watch News: 2 LP
  • Buy a dog goal: 3 LP
  • Be nice: 2LP
  • Use the toilet: 2 LP
  • Hobby Finished:3LP


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