The Long Hair Event is a time limited hobby event involving the Fashion Designer hobby. The hairs are the same prizes from the Ringlets Of Fire quest and will last 7 days. It first appeared in December 2016 and made its second appearance during the Penthouse Update in July 2017.

If you want to get all the hairstyles, use more than one Sim and make sure one Sim reaches level 6 to unlock all 12 grid items, then use the 10 minute option over and over again (doesn't matter what level the others are). If you don't finish, then it will come back for you to try again; if you have finished and gotten all nine, then it won't come back.

Prizes (hairstyles) Edit

Randomized -- you might not get the one you want most the first time. Each comes in 4 colours: brown, black, blonde and red.

  1. Long Cornrows
  2. Long Back Parted Ponytail
  3. Long Straight Fringe
  4. Long Straight Over Ear
  5. Long Double Ponytail
  6. Long Braided Ponytail
  7. Long Full Fringe Ponytail
  8. Long Shoulder Ponytail
  9. Long Straight

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