Love Is In The Air is a quest unlocked at Level 7. Completing this quest allows your sims to WooHoo and the ability to get married. If completed within the time limit of 2 days, you unlock the wedding bundle.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Quick Rinse 6 seconds
2 Have 2 Sims in one House None
3 Be Romantic 1 minute
4 Make an Expresso 30 seconds
5 Flirt with Another Sim 5 minutes
6 Form a Budding Romance N/A
7 Have Two Sims Watching a Movie 1 hour 45 minutes
8 Form a Dating Relationship N/A
9 Make a Sim Kiss Another on the Cheek 2 seconds
10 Send a Sim Home None
11 Have a Catnap 27 minutes
12 Have 2 Sims in the Same House None
13 Be Romantic to Another Sim 1 minute
14 Become Partners N/A
15 Woo-Hoo 5 minutes
16 Buy two Roses None
17 Get Engaged 6 seconds
18 Chat About Engagement on Phone 4 hours 30 minutes
19 Make 2 Engaged Sims Move In Together 6 seconds
20 Have 3 Sims in One House None
21 Get Married 6 seconds

*Time may vary depending what star rating an item has.

Previous Quest: Money Grows On Trees

Next Quest: Two And A Half Sims

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