Lovey-Dovey Balcony
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Complete this quest to learn how to build and customize balconies!

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Peaceful Patio

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Basement Of Kings

Lovey-Dovey Balcony is a quest unlocked at Level 17, and gives you the ability to construct balconies on homes with 2 stories or more. If this quest is completed within the time limit of 7 days, then you unlock exclusive planters and decorative privacy screens. To start this quest, you must go to the Park, where you will find Bree on the pier.

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration
1 Say Hello To Bree 2 minutes
2 Ask Bree What's Up 5 miuntes
3 Watch A DIY Homes Marathon 10 hours
4 Research Competitors On A Computer 4 hours 30 minutes
5 Go to the DIY Home  None (call cab on a phone)
6 Brainstorm With Bree 5 Hours 30 minutes
7 Have 2 Sims At The DIY Home None
8 Explain Role To Another Sim 15 minutes
9 Examine The Cameras 10 hours 30 minutes
10 Have 2 Sims Rehearse Flirting 10 minutes
11 Make Out On A Couch 16 minutes
12 Have 2 Sims Waltz Together 21 hours 30 minutes
13 Court Another Sim 7 hours 30 minutes
14 Kiss Another Sim 3 seconds
15 Hide Behind A Bed 12 minutes
16 Chat With Grim 5 minutes
17 Read The Original Play 1 day
18 Offer Grim A New Roll 19 hours
19 Act Out The Scene With Grim 10 hours 30 minutes
20 Reshoot Kissing Scene 3 seconds
21 Comfort Grim 10 hours 30 minutes
22 Email Scene To The Network 28 minutes
23 Build A Balcony At Home None
24 Wrap Things Up With Bree 9 hours 30 minutes


After completing the quest, you will win 6 privacy screens and 5 different planters (one star, two star and three star). Four of the five planters have a 'Admire' option, while the Planter Stand has a second option for a Sim to water it for eight seconds. 

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