In game pop-up

The 'Mean Curls Event' is a time limited event involving the Fashion Designer hobby. It is due to be out on 5th August 2017 and players will get the chance to win brand new hairstyles for adult female Sims. It will last 9 days.

Pop-up is as follows: 

Chic new hairstyles are coming soon to SimTown! Make sure to have the Promotions'R'Us Store built so that you're ready when it arrives!

Prizes (hairstyles) Edit

Randomized -- you might not the one the you want most.

  1. Windswept Wonder
  2. Styled Braids
  3. Half Braid
  4. Wild Ponytail
  5. Curly Undercut
  6. Freeflowing Curls
  7. Curly Mane
  8. Casual Updo
  9. Free Falling

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