This quest is available from Level 10. Completion of this quest unlocks new interactions with infants and a new infant hobby, Musical Expression. If you complete the quest within the time limit of 5 days. Note* if you get items that are 3 stars than you can finish the task faster but not all tasks will be faster just because of the object.

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration
1 Go to the Park None
2 Meet the Nanny 1 minute
3 Rant to Nanny Williams 15 minutes
4 Send a Sim to an Infant's Home None
5 Get a sim to pick up the Infant 8 seconds
6 Relax with an Infant on the couch 15 hours
7 Let an Infant Crawl 8 seconds
8 Make an Infant Somewhere None
9 Make a Sim Follow the Infant Obsessively 6 hours 30 minutes
10 Clean an Infant's Mess 12 hours 30 minutes
11 Wash Garbage Off Hands 2 hours 50 minutes
12 Ask Nanny Williams For Help 5 hours 30 minutes
13 Cry to Be Picked Up 3 seconds
14 Rock to Sleep 21 hours 30 minutes
15 Check SimBook 2 hours 20 minutes
16 Pick Up Infant 8 seconds
17 Buy a Highchair (§1,000) None
18 Place Infant in Highchair 5 seconds
19 Search for Soft Food in Refrigerator 9 hours 30 minutes
20 Play With Food 9 hours 30 minutes
21 Ask the Nanny Where She Went 15 minutes
22 Feed Soft Food 2 hours 30 minutes
23 Post Photo on Simbook 15 hours
24 Ask Nanny Williams to Help a Friend 3 hours 30 minutes
25 Hug the Nanny Goodbye 3 hours 30 minutes
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