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Ocean View Estate is unlocked at Level 9. Completing this quest unlocks Premium Residence and the Real Estate Career. If this quest is completed within the time limit of 2 days, you unlock the Beachside Escape House.

Part Requirements Duration*
1 Read House, Garden, and Llamas Magazine 1 hour
2 Call Real Estate Agent on Phone 5 Minutes
3 Watch Sim House Blitz on TV 13 hours
4 Have a Double Shot of Coffee 1 minute
5 Call a Sim to the Park None
6 Preform Fake Auction with Ducks in the Park 8 minutes 30 seconds
7 Wash Hands in the Sink 7 seconds
8 Build the Real Estate Agency Time & Price Vary**
9 Get a Sim a Job as a Real Estate Agent None
10 Have a Sim Dance to a Stereo 2 minutes 42 seconds

*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

**Time and price vary by the amount of workplaces built prior to the construction of The Real Estate Agency.

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Next Quest: Mysterious Island

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