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Osiris the alien is a non-player character. After receiving a quest involving Osiris, players can select to join or call him from the SimTracker.


Osiris is a green alien wearing some kind of spacesuit. He is probably from Mars.

He is very friendly and is named after Osiris the Egyptian.

Osiris's Quests Edit

These are all the quests involving Osiris:

Osiris's UFO

An Alien Concept: Weather MachinesEdit

You will meet the alien after spending a day looking for UFO's, you will then have to become friends with him, and let him watch your Sims WooHoo.


The green alien is back and this time he's going to help your pre-teens grow up!

Life Dreams and LegaciesEdit

Osiris creates the Age Controller, letting your Sims age automatically!

The (RED) Flowers of Simtown

Product Red Event for Apple IOS players only. One off event to build a special statue by the Science career. 

A Puppy OdysseyEdit

Osiris will appear while your Sims help a lost puppy return home. 

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