General Edit

Peaceful Patio is a quest unlocked at Level 15, and gives you the ability to learn how to build patios and unlock railings and furniture for them. If you complete this quest within 7 days, you unlock the Make Out Couch, where teens can cuddle, and adults can make out!

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration
1 Talk to Bree 1 minute
2 Ponder in a Chair 2 minutes 24 seconds
3 Call a Friend 4 minutes
5 Call a Cab to DIY Home None
6 Question Bree 3 hours 30 minutes
7 Watch Interview with Bree 18 hours 30 minutes
8 Read DIY Magazine 5 hours 30 minutes
9 Have 2 Sims at DIY Home None
10 Discuss Patio with a Sim 10 minutes
11 Present Ideas to Bree 20 minutes
12 Measure Patio Space 12 hours 30 minutes
13 Finalize the Patio Plan 2 hours 30 minutes
14 Make Pumpkin Pie at DIY Home 10 hours
15 Prepare Lemonade at DIY Home 2 hours 30 minutes
15 Clean DIY Home 16 hours 30 minutes
17 Buy Outdoor Decorations None, Spend §5000
18 Fall Asleep in Bath 2 hours 20 minutes
19 Hangout with a Sim 1 day
20 Call Bree 4 minutes
21 Build a Patio None
22 Have 3 Sims at DIY Home None
23 Have 3 Sims Party with Bree 8 hours 30 minutes
24 Talk to Bree 5 minutes
25 Have all Sims Leave DIY Home None

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