The Prepped for Prom Event is a brand new time limited event in the Dance Party Update 2017 to earn new Prom-themed outfits for Teenagers. It required the use of the Fashion Designer hobby and lasted 7 days. If you missed it or didn't get all of the outfits, it will be back in the future for you to try again.

You have to complete the Teenagers quest to have teens to wear the outfits. They are in the 'Outfits' section of the wardrobe.

Prizes Edit

Includes halter-neck floor-length dresses for female Teen Sims and suits for male Teen Sims.

  • Classic Prom Prize Pack
  • Blue Ocean Prize Pack
  • Green-With-Envy Prize Pack
  • Lilac Wine
  • Bold and Bright
  • Snazzy Prom
  • Perfect Prom
  • Prom King and Queen Prize Pack -- includes seven Prom King suits with crowns for male Teens and seven Prom Queen dresses with new long hairstyle for female Teens.

Normal dresses and suits Edit

Prom King & QueenEdit

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