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The Public Beach

General Edit

The Public Beach can be bought after you have completed Life Dreams and Legacies Quest for 2 Bronze and 2 Silver Sporty Life Orbs. It can be found on the Mysterious Island. It will take 36 Hours to build, no matter however many buildings you already have built.


Currently, three kiosks can be bought, on the beach, to upgrade it. 

Snorkel Hire Kiosk Edit

The Snorkel Hire Kiosk can be bought for 8 Bronze and 4 Silver Sporty Life Orbs. This lets you go snorkelling.

Surfing Kiosk Edit

The Surfing Kiosk is available for 4 Bronze and 1 Silver Sporty Life Orb. This unlocks the Surfing Hobby.

Swimming Kiosk Edit

The Swimming Kiosk is 3 Bronze and 1 Silver Sporty Life Orb. This allows your Sims to go swimming in the ocean.



Sims can take part in the Snorkeling Hobby once you have built the Snorkel Hire Kiosk. 3 Pools are available to snorkel in.
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Reef Pool

Tide PoolEdit

The first pool you will unlock is the Tide Pool. It will be unlocked when the Snorkel Hire Kiosk is built.

Lagoon PoolEdit

Once you have found all the treasures in the Tide Pool, you will unlock this larger pool for your Sims.

Reef PoolEdit

This is the final pool you can unlock, you can unlock it by collecting all of the treasures from the Lagoon Pool.

Surfing Edit

The Surfing Hobby can be unlocked by building the Surfing Kiosk. Once you have completed the collection, you will unlock a Surf Van for your Sims.

Seashell CollectingEdit

Toddlers and Preteens can use the collection of shells on the beach to find all sorts of shells, starting a collection.

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