Sims and the City is a discovery quest that players can start whenever they want. To begin, players must find the Director Sim with a bubble over their head in the Park and meet the requirements. The time limit is 7 days and available from level 15 onward. The prize is a Celeb Fashion Pack and unlocks penthouse apartments.

Steps Edit

*Depends on what star rating an item has -- if its one star, the task will take longer, 3 stars the task will be quicker.

**During this quest, there will be multiple choice options. Whatever the player chooses won't affect anything.

Part Task Duration*
1 Send a Sim to the park None
2 Ask Miss Director what's wrong 30 seconds
3 Offer to help Miss Director  12 seconds
4 Demonstrate touring ability  2 minutes (Thinking Man Statue)
5 Watch Simtown Stars 5 hours 
6 Answer call from director 48 seconds*
7 Send 3 Sims to the park None
8 Request an autograph  2 minutes
9 Offer Prim a tour 7 hours 45 minutes
10 Present the Thinking Man  2 minutes
11 Tell a story of the park 10 hrs 5 mins, 10 hrs 15 mins or 10 hrs 55 mins**
12 Send a sim home None 
13 Boast about a visitor  13 hrs 45 mins, 14 hrs 5 mins, 14 hrs 25 mins or 14 hrs 55 mins
14 Celebrate simtown diversity None (call 5 sims to one house)
15 Take a selfie with Prim 2 minutes
16 Gossip with Prim 1 hour 35 minutes 
17 Place a decoration None (anything will do from Decorations section)
18 Confess plan for fame 11 hours 45 minutes 
19 Ask where to start 2 minutes 
20 Clean strange slime from fridge  17 hours 30 minutes* 
21 Query random acts of kindness 1 hour 35 minutes 
22 Bake donuts in an oven 8 hours
23 Give donuts to a stranger  2 hours 25 minutes (tap a Sim who is not a friend or in a romance)
24 Talk to Prim 19 hours 45 minutes 
25 Hug Prim  4 hours 45 minutes 
26 Say farewell to Prim  1 day 2 hours 45 minutes 

Prize Edit

Celebrity Fashion Pack Edit

Only for female Adult Sims

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