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Sorcerous Supplies is the store in front of the dam. There, you can buy magic related items, such as the crystal ball and magic mirror. To build it, you need to reach Level 8, have a certain amount of Sims and a certain amount of Simoleons to build. After building the tower it'll unlock the Book of Spells quest. 

Completion of the quest and the following hobbies (Spell Casting and Broomstick Flying) after it will unlock more magical items. Completing the Saved By The Spell quest unlocks Potion Brewing. 

List of items with pricesEdit

Items already in the store when completing the Book of Spells quest.

  • Magic Candelabra -- S750
  • Wizard's Book Stack -- S1,000
  • Tonnes of Knowledge -- S1,750
  • Magic Spells Stack -- S1,750
  • Crystal Ball -- S5,000
  • Magic Bookcase -- S8,500
  • Magic Mirror -- S35,000
  • Armillary Sphere -- 8LP
  • Cottage Fireplace -- 10LP
  • Cauldron Fireplace -- 15LP

Spell CastingEdit

  • Magic Broomstick Closet -- S10,000
    • Used to complete the Broomstick Flying hobby 

Broomstick FlyingEdit

Completion of this hobby unlocks the Wizardly Home Builders Kit

  • Wizard Stone (window) -- S2,000
  • Runic Door -- S2,500
  • Secret Door -- 3LP

Saved By The SpellEdit

  • Potion Brewing Cauldron -- S5,000

Potion BrewingEdit

Completing this hobby unlocks the following:

  • Purple Tapestry -- S750
  • Luminos -- S800
  • Cottage Oven -- S1,500
  • Cottage Coffeetable -- S2,000
  • Long Tapestry -- S2,000
  • Cottage Partition -- S2,500
  • Cottage Sundial -- S3,500
  • Cottage Countertop -- S3,500
  • Cottage Wall Bench -- S3,500
  • Cottage Corner -- S3,500
  • Cottage Sink -- S4,000
  • Cottage Wall Corner -- S4,000
  • Red Tapestry -- S7,500
  • Potion Stand -- 1LP

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