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The Survivalist gear

Survivalist is a Hobby that Teens, Adult and Senior Sims can partake in at the Deer Spring Falls. To do the hobby, you first need to clean up the surrounding area near the gates, then tap on the compass and rucksack in the middle to start. There is only one option: 2 hours 30 minutes and only one Sim can do it at a time.

Levels Edit

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The picnic basket is the time limited prize.

There are six levels within the hobby and different prizes. The first time is a time limit of 7 days to earn the picnic basket, the second time is to unlock the suspension bridge, lookout post and bird feeders. After finishing the hobby, you earn 3 Life points. 

Level Name
1 City Dweller
2 Weekend Camper
3 Decent Explorer
4 Off Road Hiker
5 Trailblazer
6 Wilderness Maven

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