In the Dance Party Update 2017, this was a time limited event lasting 7 days -- from 27 May until 2nd June -- to earn brand new items and hairstyles for Teens. You must complete The Road To Fame quest and finish the Teen Idol hobby the first time in order to get this.

If you missed this event or only got one or two prizes, then you will have to wait until the developers bring it back.

Prizes (in order): Edit

  • Study Desks -- includes four 3-star desks
  • Party Hair -- in the 'Hair' section of the wardrobe
  • Moody Headphones -- in the 'Hats' section of the wardrobe
  • Posters -- in the Teen section of the Home Store
  • Simtone Wallpaper -- in the Walls section of build mode
  • Pro Gamer -- 2 gaming stations, find in the Preteen and Teen sections of the Home Store
  • Bunkbeds -- includes four 3-star beds in the Teen section

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