Teens are unlocked upon completion of Teenagers (Quest). Teenager Sims may attend Sim Town High, which can be unlocked by completing the Higher Education quest.

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A Teen Sim writing in her diary.

Teenage Sims are very similar to adult Sims, but also have different social interactions and relationships. Teens can become teenage idols, fall in love with other teenagers, have awkward kisses, and date at the burger bar at sunset mall.

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Teens at the Carnival

Teens can now look after themselves without an adult to help them.

Teens can do the following hobbies: Arcade Gamer, Archery, Bowling, Breakdancing, Broomstick Flying, Catwalk Model, Cooking, Diving, Dog Agility, Dog Obedience, Fashion Hunter, Figure Skating, Internet Kitten, Juggling, Make up Artist, Potion Brewing, Puppy Pals, Snorkelling, Spell Casting, Storyteller, Surfing, Survivalist and Teen Idol.

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