The Grouch appeared in the quest The Missing Xmas Elves (Christmas, 2013) and he then re-appears in Sous Judgemental, a part of the Let's Eat Update, 2014.

The Missing Xmas ElvesEdit

The Grouch used to be Santa's head elf, but he got jealous of Santa and
Screenshot 2014-11-22-09-20-59 kindlephoto-7649801
quit. Every Christmas he thinks of a new way to ruin christmas. This time, he created the machine to suck all the Christmas spirit out of Sim Town! After your Sim sings carols, the machine cracks and the Grouch prepares to leave town. Your Sim can't stop there, though. After making The Grouch a present, you decide to, yet again, sing carols with him and tell him jokes. Finally, his machine exploldes and he leaves town.
I dont even kindlephoto-5191047

Sous JudgementalEdit

The Grouch appears in the quest Sous Judgemental, he was the owner of the run-down restaurant, until you came along! He has his very own 'Special Dish', which certainly is 'special'. After serving two judges, it turns out that HE is the final judge! It turns out that he LOVES Mud Pie, so, of course, you get a toddler to make one for him.

Christmas 2014Edit

The Grouch is set to appear in the Christmas 2014 Event.

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