Online Store

Online Store with Simoleons and LP tab open.

using this website you can use to buy Lifestyle Points, Simoleons and now the new currency Social Points and even Special items such as Adidas clothes, premium and basic home packs and more. It uses real money for purchases. You can access it by the bottom of the screen near the pause button , it is a purple shopping cart button (was cards) or by going to the Home Store and pressing the shopping card button which is next to the zoom in button. As this is a freemium game, it is thought for Electronic Arts to get money from The Online Store


Online Store Social

Online Store: Social section

There are 4 tabs in the Online Store. There was previously only 3 tabs. These tabs are

Simoleons: Buy simoleons

LP: Buy LP

Social: Buy Social Points from here

Special: Buy special items or packs.

All items require real money.

Special ItemsEdit

Online Store Specials

Specials section in the Online Store

There are special items in packs you can buy in the Home store. There are many some exclusive!

These are

  • Basic home pack
  • Premium home pack
  • Adidas clothes (exclusive!)
  • Goldfish aquarium
  • Tropical fish bundle
  • Swimsuit bundle
  • fireworks bundle
  • Money bundle (100 LP and 70000 Simoleons. Actual amount of simoleons varies by level)

As quests are completed, if the player runs out of time to complete the quest, the item on offer will be available for purchase in the online store.

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