The Pirate And His Goddess is available at Level 19. Completion of this quest unlocks the Pirate Ship. If completed within the time limit of 7 days, you will unlock the Pirate Fashion Pack.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Visit the Island None
2 Call 5 Sims to the Community Center None
3 Call a Teen to the Community Center None
4 Have a Teen Play a Sea Shanty on Piano 8 minutes
5 Have 5 Sims Sitting In Front of the Podium None
6 Host the Town Meeting 12 hours 30 minutes
7 "Object!" the Podium 30 minutes
8 Powercord Presentation 4 hours
9 Have a Teen Look at the Pirate 15 minutes
10 Have a Teen Talk to the Pirate 7 seconds
11 Talk to the Pirate (Again) 8 hours
12 Have a Teen Give a Speech at the Podium 6 hours
13 Search SimTown and Find the Pirate** Time Varries
14 Call a Teen to the Park None
15 Hide in Public Toilet 18 hours 30 minutes
16 Ask About Journal 1 day
17 Look at Pirate's Journal 3 seconds
18 Sole the First Riddle Time Varries
19 Search for Clues*** 1 minutes
20 Answer 8 hours
21 Joke Around with the Pirate 45 minutes
22 Have a Teen Talk to a Friend About Pirates 15 hours
23 Find the Pirate**** Time Varries
24 Say 'Hi' to the Pirate 5 minutes
25 Solve the Second Riddle Time Varries
26 Open Clue 12 seconds
27 Tell Password***** 12 hours
28 Have a Teen Dance with the Pirate 30 minutes
29 Ask the Pirate Why He is Upset 3 minutes
30 Convince the Pirate 10 hours 30 minutes
31 Tap the Ancient Goddess on the Island None
32 Send a Teen to the Park None
33 Say Goodbye to the Pirate 11 hours

*Time may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

**The Pirate is at the Park

***Click the Thinking Man Statue in the park.

****The Pirate is at the Stables

*****The password is 'Admin'.

Previous Quest: Higher Education

Next Quest: The Road To Fame

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