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A teen reading Teen Celebrity Magazine.

"The Road To Fame" is a quest which unlocked after completing the task of "Higher Education".  The ability to build "The Famous Sim Town Sign" will be unlocked. If you complete the quest within the 7 day time limit, then you will win Premium Instruments, which can be found in the Home Store.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Buy a Stack of Magazines None
2 Make a Teenager read Teen Celebrity Magazine 3 hours
3 Make a Teenager watch Funny Cat Videos 1 hour 30 minutes
4 Send a Teenager to the Park None
5 Create a plan to become famous 6 hours
6 Buy a Keyboard from the Home Store None, §00
7 Write Music 1 hour
8 Write 3 Pieces of Music (time varies)
9 Write 6 Pieces of Music (time varies)
10 Write 9 Pieces of Music (time varies)
11 Write 12 Pieces of Music (time varies)
12 Write a mother fuckink life

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