I've been a Sims Freeplayer since January 2016 and still currently playing it on my Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. The last time I've played a Sims game was probably when I was nine, playing Sims on my father's old computer. After something bad occurred, the computer was thrown out and I hadn't played any game since then. 

When I first got my tablet as a Christmas present, I wondered if there were any Sims on mobile, so I searched the store and found this. Despite restarting my first game after a month of playing and lost everything, I started all over again. Now on my second game, I achieved level 55 in May/June of this year. I find it slightly addictive some days, other days it does get boring and tedious but most prizes are worth it. 

After finding this Wiki in late 2016, I decided to dedicate my free time adding more articles and images pertaining to the hobbies, events and other things, since there's not many users here.

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