• JK55556

    Tips and Tricks

    November 1, 2015 by JK55556

    Hello! I am JK55556 and I am a very active user on some wikis. I just joined this one. I am happy to be here. I love the Sims Freeplay game!

    Here is a small wikia that I founded about Flipline Studios for fanon only.

    It is small, but it's growing

    Here is the link for the real flipline wiki.

    Have fun!

    Okay, I am going to tell you a few tips and tricks to help you earn more Simoleons and complete tasks quicker!

    Tip 1: When you have the Simoleon Sprout unlocked, plant it every 4 hours or whenever you can. I know it costs $250, but the lowest prize you can get is $350, so at least you will be gaining 100 Simoleons. The Jackā€¦

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