General Edit

This quest is available from Level 11. Completion of this quest opens the gates to the Deer Spring Falls Campground. If you complete the quest within the time limit of 7 days, you unlock sleeping bags for your Sims' homes.

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration*
1 Call a Sim to the Campground None
2 Introduce Yourself to the Ranger 1 minute
3 Offer Help to the Ranger 5 minutes
4 Clean Up the Garbage 4 hours 30 minutes
5 Clean the Garbage Bin 6 hours 30 minutes
6 Discuss Clues with Clay 5 minutes
7 Solve the Ranger's Puzzle** 5 hours 30 minutes
8 Investigate the Footprints 11 hours 30 minutes
9 Ask Clay About the Footprints 1 minute
10 Research Wildlife Book 19 hours
11 Investigate Trash at Home 5 minutes
12 Go to the Park None
13 Examine Footprints 12 hours 30 minutes
14 Ask Clay for Help 5 minutes
15 Watch World of Wonders on TV 19 hours
16 Go to the Park None
17 Solve the Tracking Puzzle*** 4 hours 30 minutes
18 Search the BBQ 4 minutes
19 Sleep Through Alarm 10 hours 30 minutes
20 Discuss Plan with Clay 15 minutes
21 Set the Bait**** 8 hours 30 minutes
22 Pet the Deer None
23 Feed the Deer 15 hours 30 minutes
24 Talk to Clay 2 hours 30 minutes
25 Accept Title 30 seconds

*Time may vary depending on what star rating an item has

**Answer: Plants

***Answer: BBQ

****Answer: Plants, Fruits, and Nuts

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