General Edit

This quest is available from Level 11. Completion of this quest opens the gates to the campground. If you complete the quest within the time limit of 7 days, you unlock sleeping bags for your Sim's homes.

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration*
1 Call a Sim to the Campground None
2 Introduce Yourself to the Ranger 1 minute
3 Offer Help to the Ranger 5 minutes
4 Clean Up the Garbage 4 hours 30 minutes
5 Clean the Garbage Bin 6 hours 30 minutes
6 Discuss Clues with Clay 5 minutes
7 Solve the Ranger's Puzzle** 5 hours 30 minutes
8 Investigate the Footprints 11 hours 30 minutes
9 Ask Clay About the Footprints 1 minute
10 Research Wildlife Book 19 hours
11 Investigate Trash at Home 5 minutes
12 Go to the Park None
13 Examine Footprints 12 hours 30 minutes
14 Ask Clay for Help 5 minutes
15 Watch World of Wonders on TV 19 hours
16 Go to the Park None
17 Solve the Tracking Puzzle*** 4 hours 30 minutes
18 Search the BBQ 4 minutes
19 Sleep Through Alarm 10 hours 30 minutes
20 Discuss Plan with Clay 15 minutes
21 Set the Bait**** 8 hours 30 minutes
22 Pet the Deer None
23 Feed the Deer 15 hours 30 minutes
24 Talk to Clay 2 hours 30 minutes
25 Accept Title 30 seconds

*Time may vary depending on what star rating an item has

**Answer: Plants

***Answer: BBQ

****Answer: Plants, Fruits, and Nuts

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