Weekly tasks are randomly set tasks that are given weekly. There are 10 of them and you receive a key when you have completed all of them.
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Weekly Task Symbol

Once you have completed 75% of your tasks, you will receive 3LP.

Mystery Box ShopEdit

Once you have collected enough keys, you will be able to access goodies in the Mystery Box Shop.

There are 4 kinds of boxes, which contain different items and are worth different amounts of keys.

Curiosity BoxEdit

This is the smallest box, worth 1 key, containing 1 common item, and 3 standard prizes.

Loot BoxEdit

This is the second box you can buy, worth 3 keys. It contains 2 common items, 2 premium prizes and 4 standard prizes.

Bounty BoxEdit

This is your third option, worth 5 keys, it contains 1 rare item, 4 premium items and 6 standard prizes.

Fortune BoxEdit

Your final box option, up for grabs for 10 keys, containing 2 rare items, 12 premium prizes and 10 standard prizes.

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