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Weekly Task Symbol

Weekly Tasks are tasks that players have to do during a time limit. The tasks vary between players and some have to be done at a certain time in real time. The bar at the bottom of the tasks shows prizes, such as Simoleons, life points and a key. The keys are used to buy Mystery Boxes. If you are unable to do some tasks, you can skip with 10 LP. When the game updates, the task you were asked to do automatically completes itself and moves on to a different task. 

Examples of Weekly Tasks

Name of task What to do
Feed birds at the Campgrounds

Once you build the Deer Spring Falls Campgrounds, there will be three bird feeders near the entrance. Build them, then click an option to feed them. 

Buy a toilet

Go into the Home Store (the button with the chair and lamp), click the toilet icon and buy a toilet (any will finish the task).
Max out a Sim's fun Click on a TV and tap any of the options. Wait until the action is completed and then the task will be complete. 
Max out a Sim's hygiene Click on either a shower, sink or bath and choose any of the options. Wait until the action is completed and the task will be complete. 
Cancel an action Tap on any item and choose an action, tap on the Sim again and there will be a red cross. Tap on it and then click 'yes'. 

Mystery BoxesEdit

As of the Penthouse Update 2017, the mystery boxes had a complete makeover. Previously, the boxes just had Simoleons, Life points and Social Points, which are still inside but now with a mix of furniture. 

Loot BoxEdit

Previously named 'Curiosity Box'Edit
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Curiosity Box

This is the first of the three boxes that cost one key and have 7 Common items. The common items are items that are already available in the game in the Home Store

Bounty Box Edit

The second of the three boxes, costing 3 keys and contains 10 Common items and 3 Uncommon items. The Uncommon items are a mix of Island Monument resources and furniture which could previously only be bought with real money from the Online Store.  

Fortune Box Edit

The third and last of the three boxes, costing 6 keys. It contains items that players could've missed from the main quests and discovery quests.  

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