Meet Wumples, the Water-Safe Bunny!

Wumples' Poster

Quests with WumplesEdit

It's All Going SwimminglyEdit

You will first meet Wumples here, at level 13. She will give you advice and talk to you about the new pools! 

In Da ClubhouseEdit

Wumples is back! In this quest, which unlocks at level 14, she will read to your toddler. Such fun.

Multi-Story RenovationsEdit

Wumples appears at the Grand Opening, and she will also give your Sim psychoanalysis, numerous times... Your Sim gets to share ideas with her and talk to her.

Sous JudgementalEdit

Wumples is back, yet again, in this level 16 quest. She will appear as a judge, you can cook her anything though.
I dont even

Wumples, a judge in Sous Judgemental


  • Wumples make-up can be bought from the salon for $1,000 (females only)
  • Whenever she is near by, you can see her dancing and acting cheerful.

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